Parimatch’s official statement on judicial case against RBC (RosBusinessConsulting)

On 25 July 2023, the Northern Commercial Court of Appeal surprisingly ruled in favour of the defendant in the defamation case involving Rillius Holding Limited and BTB Betlab Holdings (Parimatch’s trademarks and software rights holders) (as plaintiffs), and RBC (short for RosBusinessConsulting), media company in Ukraine (as a defendant) that published on its own media platform false information about Parimatch.

The appeal court overturned a lawful and well-founded judgement of the court of first instance, which had required RosBusinessConsulting to refute the false allegations about the Parimatch alleged work under a new name and brand (meaning not under the Parimatch brand) in russia during the full-scale war unleashed by russia against Ukraine. Earlier, we officially stated about the withdrawal of a franchise from russia after the start of a full-scale war in Ukraine and absence of any connections with the country-aggressor.

The reasoning behind the appeal court decision is not yet officially available, as the full text is expected to be released only in mid-August. 

We will challenge the decision in the Supreme Court once the full text is released.

We would like to reiterate that the company has already provided a public, transparent, and comprehensive response on the website as to the ownership structure and franchise agreements regarding our brand’s presence in russia until March 2022, along with our subsequent exit from the russian market. 

We want to emphasize once more the Ukrainian origin of our brand and company, and underscore the fact that we have no affiliations whatsoever with russia.